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    Smokey Mountains camping road trip to see a total eclipse
    8-18-17 7:00 pm - Ferdos Grill
    A t t r a c t - A C T I V E

    **************************************************** UPDATE FEB 19TH:  Guys, for anyone planning on going to this meetup, NOW is the time to book your campsite. Tomorrow might be too late. **************************************************** On...

    8-18-17 7:00 pm - Ferdos Grill
    The Miami/Broward Abraham-Hicks Meetup Group

    Patti Blankenship Facilitating! If you want to learn how to feel better, this is the group for you. Free parking. Room may be cool. dress accordingly. May bring drinks or food inside if you are very tidy. $10 door fee requested to cover our rent....

    French Table in Fort Laudedadle at Ferdos Grill 3rd Friday of every month 7 PM
    8-18-17 7:00 pm - Ferdos Grill
    The South Florida Francophone Club

    Bonjour,Please join us at the French Table in Fort Lauderdale at our usual place Ferdos Grill. This is a monthly meeting occurring on the third Friday of every month.--fady

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